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George’s Barn


Railway Museum

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George’s Barn

On arrival, you could not fail to see the machinery used during the constuction of the Channel Tunnel. There are two locomotives and the last remaining manrider which carried workers to the face of the tunnel. Once restored visitors will be able to climb aboard the manrider and see how cramped it would have been.

The Countryside Centre is housed in George’s Barn, where you can find out more about the history of the barn and how it is constructed.

Young and old will be amazed and reminded of days gone by, with a wide range of tools and household appliances on display from across the years, from saws and scythes to mangles and early sewing machines.

There is also an opportunity to see a variety of craftsmen and women, demonstrating and talking about traditional crafts, including wood carving, wood turning, flower arranging, sculpting, card making, hand made jewelry and charcoal making.

Having watched them work, you may find it difficult to resist buying some of their wonderful work.

You can then wander along our Tangled Trail over the embankment to the Railway Museum. On the way you can have a close look at the restored Leas Lift.


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